Redesigning a commercial office space for leasing and occupancy is a tough process that has some less glamorous sides. For example, managing the electrical needs of your space is a complicated task where you’ll need expert help. Working on electrical tasks alone leads to a safety hazard and potential injury if not taken care of correctly. Here’s what you should know about electrical before you kick off your project.

smiling handsome electrician repairing electrical box with pliers in corridor and looking at cameraFind an industry expert

Finding the right electrician who can complete the project in a timely manner is no easy task, especially in the current state of the economy. That’s where the Tenant Improvement website comes in. Not only does the site offer directories for electricians in your specific area, but it allows you to track your project from the planning stage all the way through to the end.

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Be aware of electrical cord placements

If you’re rewiring certain areas of the office space, be sure to think through the efficiency of your wiring layouts and where you’re placing the cords.

When it comes to gathering spaces like lunch rooms and conference spaces, you’ll want to make sure to avoid shortchanging powering. In individual office spaces, be sure power strips are available close to workstations so employees don’t have to reach to recharge laptops or other devices.

To avoid any accidents that may be power related, install surge protectors and ground-fault circuit interrupters and put outlets in places that are far away from foot traffic and excessive moisture.

Understand your space’s energy consumption

Good lighting is an essential part of any well-designed commercial office space. Everyone loves a good accent light to help increase the overall appearance and ambiance of a space. Focus on balancing aesthetics with healthy energy consumption.

Highlight areas where natural light is brought in through windows during the average 9-5 work schedule. Natural light increases employee mood through Vitamin D consumption, increased energy levels and better sleep quality, according to Harvard Business Review. In spaces where natural light isn’t an option, be sure to install safe lighting fixtures for well lit work spaces.

Good luck with your upcoming project and we look forward to seeing the final product. If you have any further inquiries about all things electrical, be sure to contact Tenant Improvement.