Laminate Flooring Materials:
1. The backing layer is known as the backbone or plank; it serves as a stabilizing layer.
2. The second layer is the core layer (core board) known for its high density (or medium density) fiberboard. More top-quality laminate comes with a higher density core.
3. The third layer is called the printed layer that looks like wood, stone, metal, or much more, offering a more natural look.
4. The fourth layer is a wear layer or so-called ‘overlay’ that protects your floors.
Laminate Flooring Facts:
• Laminate is often advertised as ‘water-resistant,’ but in reality, it can be damaged if water seeps through cracks
• Laminate shouldn’t be your first option for wet locations
• Laminate is easy to care for, but it can’t be refinished
• Easy to install
• Laminate comes at bargain prices: it can be purchased for $1 to $3 per square foot
• Can last 10-20 years if treated right, but styles change and again it can not be restyled.
• Comfortable underfoot
• Is manufactured from petroleum-based materials and is essentially plastic

Vinyl Flooring Facts:
• Designed to be inexpensive
• Durable and dependable
• Minimal maintenance
• Fast, easy, and cheap to install
• With proper care can last up to 20 years, but like the above, cannot be repaired
• Plastic

Three Main Vinyl Types:
1. Sheet Vinyl: comes in large rolls with a width between 6 to 12 feet and is cut to fit your room.
2. Solid Vinyl Tile: comes in two types of either 1-foot squares or strips of three.
3. Luxury Vinyl Tile: this is the premium vinyl product that can imitate any kind of flooring.

Solid Hardwood Flooring Facts:
• Comes in strips (1.5-2.5 inches) or planks (4 to 8 inches)
• Can be either finished or unfinished
• Prefinished wood flooring costs less and demands less work
• Wood flooring is long-lasting because it can be refinished
• Can increase the resale value of your home
• Easy to clean
• Bad choice for bathrooms or laundry rooms (moisture)
• Vulnerable to scratches and dents
• Wood flooring should be refinished once every ten years
• Wood flooring typically costs $4 to $10 per square foot