Cabling/IT Services

713IT began as an attempt to answer a simple question; what helps businesses grow? More and more the answer to that question lies in infrastructural IT, software and digital marketing.

But, our story does not actually begin there. It begins with a serendipitous friendship that began in Houston. 713IT consists of professional relationships and personal friendships that date back before grade school. It is through those core bonds and the brotherly love of Houston that we pursue our work.

713IT is a fully horizontal solution for your IT, software, and digital marketing needs. We do it all. If you are a business in today’s world, chances are you need one or all of these core services.

The great thing about 713IT is that when you seek out work in any of these areas, you will be speaking with the team leads who run the projects in these departments. So, gone is the underinformed sales staff. Gone is the overseas call center. When you speak to our team, you’re speaking to the boots on the ground who live and work in Houston.


Phone: (855) 702-5525