Work stress is a significant issue for most workers. How often have you sat down at your desk just to feel even more overwhelmed with deadlines, a pile of work and endless emails?Beautiful miniature zen garden on white table indoors

Sometimes there isn’t much you can do about your actual workload or job stress, but with feng shui, you can make your work spot a little more peaceful. And with remote work on the continued rise, you have much more freedom to craft the perfect area.

Feng shui can make your work environment more inviting and productive. The practice is based on the idea that everything around us influences us in some way. Each object has energy and by arranging these objects in a certain way, you can increase your happiness and feel more energized.

What is feng shui?

The idea is that by arranging certain items around you, you can create a harmonious environment by using colors, materials, and space layout to create a calm ambiance. In practice, objects in a room are arranged according to energy flow. The goal is to balance different elements of nature.

The practice dates back thousands of years but has recently become popular in western culture. Many interior designers study the practice and incorporate it into their designs. Don’t be surprised if some of the Pinterest photos you’ve saved for decor inspiration incorporate aspects of feng shui.

But how does it work and how can you incorporate the practice? Let’s take a closer look.

Feng Shui basics:

First, it’s essential to understand the basic principles behind feng shui. In the practice, it’s important to represent and balance each element. Each element represents a different symbol.

  • Wood. This includes any objects made of wood or indoor plants. In Feng Shui, this signifies creativity and growth.
  • Fire. the fire element is represented by the color red and fire elements, such as candles or a fireplace. It symbolizes energy and passion.
  • Water. Water items include blue items or anything made of water, such as a water feature or fountain. The element i linked to inspiration and clarity.
  • Earth. Earth can be represented through rocks, old books or things that are brown or tan. They signify stability and strength.
  • Metal. Metal unites all the elements while offering focus and order. Use objects that are metal or white, silver, or grey.

Creating a feng shui office:

There are many ways to incorporate feng shui into your office, but here are a few ways to start:

Office desk and chair

Start with your desk. In feng shui, your desk should be in the “power position.” This spot is the one furthest from the room’s entrance. You should be able to see the door when seated, however.

Picking the right chair is also essential in this practice. You should choose one with a high back to support and protect you. Of course, make sure your chair is also comfortable!

When seating, your back should also be against a solid wall. This will help you feel powerful and protected. If you’re not able to position your chair with a wall behind you, you can also add a row of plants behind your desk.


Speaking of plants, you should also add some fauna to your desk space. Try adding a few small plants and a water feature, if possible. There are lots of great mini water features available for your desk. This should help you find positive, creative energy and improve your air quality.

Choose things that inspire you or symbolize success when you decorate your space. You don’t have to have a minimal approach, but your space shouldn’t be too cluttered or chaotic. Instead, try choosing a few statement art pieces.

Several popular colors of paint are popular in feng shui. These include soft yellows, oranges, greens and blues. Choose a color that brings calmness to the mind.


Finally, try to opt for natural lighting from outdoor windows whenever possible. Artificial and fluorescent lighting can cause fatigue and leave you feeling drained. If you’re not near a window, try a full-spectrum light!

Give it a try! We think you’ll notice a difference.

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