Are you ready to completely remodel your commercial office space in hopes of getting a higher return on your next lease? This is a huge project to take on that takes dedicated time and energy. It’s an exciting time to be working on a new project because every inch of new flooring, paint, hardware and landscaping adds value to your space.

There’s no way you can take on this project by yourself, so you’ll need to work on getting in touch with professionals who can help you, such as plumbers, contractors, interior designers and more. Finding the right team that aligns with your vision for the space is more time-intensive but worth it in the end. Here’s how to gain access to those helpful professionals for your next commercial project:

9986763_M1. Use online platforms like Tenant Improvement

If you need to get connected with professionals quickly and don’t have a ton of time for outside meetings (say you have a full-time job for example), Tenant Improvement is the quickest and most efficient option for you.

When you visit the online platform, simply type in relevant information about you and your space, and you’re instantly guided to a dashboard where you’ll be able to create a plan for any commercial space relocation, remodel or upgrade you have on your agenda. You’ll also immediately be given the correct steps to take in the process and contact information for any contractors, plumbers and interior designers you’ll need.

Your project will be tracked through completion, making it extra rewarding when you finally have a space that you’re satisfied with.

2. Reconnect with individuals from past networking experiences

If you’re on a budget and want a more intimate experience than working with a large contracting company, try finding experts through word of mouth or past networking experiences.

For example, would any past co-workers, friends, church members or family members be qualified to take on your remodel? Do they know someone who is qualified? Maybe you’ve used a remodeling company in the past that you had a positive experience with. It’s worth a shot!

3. Study local directories and reviews

If you’re looking to support local business owners with your project, then it’s time to start lining up reliable local directories.

Before reaching out, be sure to check online review platforms like Google My Business and Facebook. If you have questions about a specific review or service the business offers, be sure to shoot the owner an email or phone call ASAP.

With these tips, you’ll be on track toward a successful remodel in no time. Good luck!