Having an organized checklist on the process that you are doing right now is a very big for us not to forget important matters.

Here is the complete checklist on how to do Carpet: Glue Down

1. What quantity of material will be needed?
2. What is the material’s
a. Manufacturer? Style? Color?
b. Roll width?
c. Tile size?
3. Does this project have stairs? If yes,
a. What quantity of additional materials are needed?
i. How many steps?
ii. Width of steps?
iii. Length of steps?
iv. Bullnose, box or floating treads?
1. Will the following supplies be needed?
a. Adhesive? If yes, how many containers?
b. Padding? If yes,
i. What quantity of padding is needed?
ii. Should it be a double stick?
iii. Will adhesive be required? If yes, how many containers?
c. Seaming tape/sealer?
1. Will there be freight costs for materials and/or supplies?
1. Will there be labor costs? If yes, is it for…
a. Non-directional, directional, patterned or a design?
b. Double-stick pad?
c. Stairs?
1. Will cove base be needed? If yes, go to Cove Base Check List.
2. Will (matching) transitions be needed? If yes, go to Transitions Check List.
1. Has the seam diagram been discussed with the client?
a. Is the seam diagram influenced by a directional or patterned piece?
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