Located in the heart of the Upper Kirby District, this 1,110,000 SF, upscale mixed-use project includes:

365,000 SF, twenty five-story, 199-unit, luxury high-rise residential apartment tower

232,000 SF, thirteen-story, commercial office tower including a 67,000 SF, two-story retail space and a 446,000 SF, six-level, 1,275-car parking garage

This project was awarded LEED Silver Certification.

The seven-story, 155-key full-service hotel is located near the Domain in Austin, Texas. At 103,906 sq. ft., the hotel includes seven levels with 84,404-sq.-ft. parking on three levels which includes approximately 173 parking spaces. The hotel offers amenities including a restaurant. The building construction includes a concrete structure with an exterior wall consisting of stone veneer, metal wall panels, and EIFS finish. To increase efficiency, quality, safety and schedule, the project utilized an interior pre-fabricated wall system.

The CBRE Workplace360 Houston office is located in the Williams Tower at the Galleria. It is a 78,000 SF three-level build-out with 13,000 SF on Level 2, 17,000 SF on Level 4, and 48,000 SF on Level 5. The office has an open area concept, where each employee does not have an assigned desk, but rather is working in open area workstations. Offices are mainly used for focus rooms, huddle rooms, office-for-a-day, or conference rooms.

This project included the demolition of the existing space prior to build-back. Level 5 had its challenges, as this is a steel building with some settling at the core, creating issues with tying each of the four areas of this level together. Levels 4 and 5 included adding an interconnecting stairway for employees to walk between the two floors. In keeping with the open concept, Level 5 has exposed ceilings with acoustical ceiling clouds throughout the floor. All levels utilize demountable partitions for office fronts.

The hospital addition features structural steel construction on concrete spread footing foundations. It is a state of the art emergency room that connects directly to the existing hospital. The project included the new construction of parking lots, ambulance drop off areas, and landscaping. Our teams installed state-of-the-art X-ray equipment, Telemetry systems, and exam lighting to bring together every detail requested by our client. The main challenge was the existing occupied hospital facility which remained operational throughout construction of the addition. Numerous controls were put in place to keep the area safely sectioned off from the hospital and its patients during the construction. The new building construction and emergency department buildout was completed with no disruptions to the existing functional hospital. We invested heavily in pre-planning to overcome logistical constraints such as our project’s proximity to adjacent buildings. We successfully avoided conflicts with neighboring structures and tie-ins to the hospital’s main utility system without disruptions, thanks to exacting communication and stringent attention to our schedule. Considering the campus’ proximity to the coast, all of the materials used to construct the building’s exterior, including the extensive glass, had to be specifically hurricane rated for safety and durability, in compliance with stringent Texas Windstorm Requirements. Rectangular hanging lights were added to bring a modern touch in addition to brightening the corridors. A serene interior garden was constructed in coordination with the hospital’s healing ministry. The space was designed to take full advantage of abundant natural light, with floor-to-ceiling glass and steel curtainwall in the main reception area and additional windows set into the perimeter along the ceiling in patient care areas.

Museum Point Medical Office Building is a 26,000-square-foot, mixed-use development in the heart of the Houston Museum District. Construction details include glass and stainless steel monumental stairs, glass canopy, medical office build-out, urban infill, rooftop terrace and green roof and parking garage. The exterior veneer is a concealed fastener, clear anodized metal panel system.