Plastic wrap: after putting cushioning protection around your fragile items, use the plastic wrap to keep the protection in place and provide extra cushion. It can also be used to keep things like your silverware in their organizers, so you don’t have loose items tumbling around your boxes.

Colored or painter’s tape + sharpie: if you have reusable crates or want to be able to use boxes for another move, use colored duct tape or painter’s tape on boxes to label them. This will also help with the unpacking process!

Box cutter: if you’re using cardboard boxes and packing tape, you don’t want to use your nice kitchen shears to open them up. Get a box cutter to slice through the tape quickly and easily for efficient unpacking!

Tape measure: from hanging pictures to moving furniture, the best way to ensure a neat look and less time wasted is to measure. Before you move, measure your furniture to ensure it will fit in the new space; if it won’t, sell or donate it before moving to avoid cluttering the new space.

Water: obviously, this is for you! Packing/unpacking is hard work, so don’t forget to hydrate to keep your energy up.